The most delicious Breakfast Buffet in Piraeus

The Breakfast Buffet at Piraeus Theoxenia is the best way to start your day. In a stylish and tranquil oasis in the center of Piraeus, guests can enjoy a choice of cold and warm homemade delicacies, including fresh croissants and sweet desserts such as brownies, apple and walnut pies, cheesecake and chocolate tarts.

Piraeus Theoxenia participates in the Greek Breakfast initiative designed by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.



The aim of the “Greek Breakfast” program is to give Hotel Guests the chance to know the gastronomic wealth of our country and taste at breakfast the innumerable Greek products and dishes which are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is not just a modern dietary trend but is according to UNESCO the “intangible cultural heritage of mankind”. The main products of the Mediterranean diet such as the bread, the rusks, the olive oil, the olives, the yogurt, the honey, the cheese products, the cured meats, the fresh vegetables, the legumes, the pies, the sweets and the fresh fruit form the basis of Greek breakfast.

In-room Dining Room Service at Piraeus Theoxenia

Guests staying at Piraeus Theoxenia can enjoy in-room dining by ordering Room Service. An extensive menu with Italian, Greek and Mediterranean dishes, including delicious desserts, can be ordered for in-room dining.

Incognito Restaurant for fine dining

Indulge yourselves at the city’s premier meeting point. Incognito restaurant with a delicate and luxurious design, decorated with beautiful wood paneling, invites you to discover and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with exceptional and innovative Italian, Greek and Mediterranean food plates. A place to relax and enjoy a gourmet meal in an elegant atmosphere, Incognito restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Incognito Bar, the best place for after-work drinks

The Incognito bar is the ideal place for who wish to enjoy original cocktails and drinks from a great selection in a relaxed and charming atmosphere. The bar designed with a décor that preserves the harmony, the elegance with its own unique character. Open daily serving all kind of beverages and light snacks and guest can have many selections from a great wine and whisky collection.

*For reservations at the Piraeus Theoxenia Incognito restaurant – bar please contact : 210-4112550